Landscapes & Landscape Drawings

Oil on canvas


At the bottom of the field next to my studio is a ditch

The ditch seeps into the beginning of a small river

There is ochre opaque water, but there is also clear water. The water refracts the sludge, the tops of stones, the decaying vegetation at the bottom of the ditch.

Up the sides of the ditch there is dried mud, more stones, tree roots and overhanging twigs and branches. These all cast a shadow on the surface of the water and a different shadow on the bottom of the ditch.

All are reflected differently in the opaque and lucid water

Apart from the decaying plastic bottle there is nothing in the scene which is nameable, or is worth naming or has a finite identity.

I find that oil paint and sometimes pencil crayons lend themselves to the making of metaphors for, and illusions of, such mutable stuff.

The same values pertain in my portraits and my nudes.

Flesh and Sludge.

Eyes, reflections and refractions.

Decay and age.